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Welcome to pond-liner.co.uk, an introduction to pond liners and lining materials from Water Garden Ltd.

This website aims to provide an introduction to the different materials available for lining ponds, lakes and water features along with some information about each liner material to help with product selection.

Please visit our main website water-garden.co.uk or call our team on 02392 373735 for more information and pricing on all pond liners and related products.


About Water Garden Ltd.

Water Garden is a family run company based in Portsmouth, Hampshire who have been stocking and supplying Gordon Low Products' sheet and box-welded liners to trade and individual customers since 2001. The team at Water Garden are happy to offer their expert advice when it comes to pond lining, liner material selection and liner size requirement as well as pond filtration, water feature, pumping, lighting, pond maintenance and power management specifications.

About Gordon Low Products Ltd.

Gordon Low Products is a family run business based in Bedfordshire who specialize in the manufacture of high quality pond and lake liners using only high quality materials. The team at Gordon Low Products produce single sheet and box-welded liners from their facility in Bedfordshire sourcing the finest pond liner and underlay materials from Europe and the USA, providing a consistently high class service to the trade for many years.




SealEco Greenseal EPDM

0.75mm and 1mm thick EPDM flexible sheet and box-welded liners

SealEco Greenseal EPDM

SealEco Greenseal is an environmentally friendly black synthetic rubber EPDM lining material which is ideal for lining ponds, lakes, streams and water features of any size. This product is very similar to Butyl in look and feel but does not carry the premium cost of Butyl, making SealEco Greenseal the perfect choice for almost all lining requirements. SealEco Greenseal EPDM features the best flexible properties and stretch characteristics of any lining material on the market today, even greater than that of Butyl, SealEco Greenseal is therefore the preferred choice for lining ponds and water features of unusual shape, or with marginal shelves where folding and manipulating of the liner shape is necessary. SealEco Greenseal EPDM is can be supplied in sizes to suit most installations, from long and narrow stream liners to standard sheets for pond and lake lining. The largest single sheet size available in SealEco Greenseal EPDM is 45 metres long and 40 metres wide. Smaller standard liners are pre-packed folded and rolled for convenience, larger liners are folded, rolled and delivered by pallet courier direct to site.


SealEco Greenseal EPDM Roll


SealEco Greenseal EPDM is chemically stable and completely safe for use in fish and wildlife ponds and its environmentally friendly formulation ensures no negative impact on the surrounding natural area. This material designed for permanent installation, is UV resistant and will not become brittle or degrade even in the harshest conditions and extreme temperatures. A thickness grade of 0.75mm is the standard specification for small and medium sized ponds, for lakes and very large ponds 1mm thick SealEco Greenseal is also available. This EPDM is also used to manufacture box-welded liners to fit square, circular, rectangular and L-shaped ponds with solid walls and base of consistent dimensions. Water Garden Ltd are happy to provide pricing for SealEco Greenseal EPDM box-welded liners if dimensions can be supplied. It is recommended that any pond liner should be protected with a puncture resistant underlay to prevent puncture from beneath. SealEco Greenseal EPDM liners are guaranteed for life up to a maximum size of 144 square metres, larger liners are guaranteed for 25 years and box-welded liners for 10 years, guarantee covering manufacturing defects.



Box-Welded Pond Liner


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FireStone PondGard EPDM

1.02mm thick EPDM geomembrane for pond and lake lining

FireStone PondGard EPDM

FireStone PondGard is a 1.02 millimetre thick black flexible EPDM material used for lining ponds and lakes. The formulation of FireStone PondGard ensures this material is completely safe for use in aquatic installations and the flexible properties of this EPDM liner make it ideal for ponds of any shape or size, being manipulated easily over marginal shelves and uneven contours. FireStone PondGard EPDM is supplied in pre-cut sheets with the largest available size being 30.5 metres (100 feet) x 15.2 metres (50 feet). Sheets can be joined on site to create larger liners using FireStone QuickSeam Tape to achieve effective watertight seams. Smaller FireStone PondGard liners are pre-packed and supplied folded and rolled for simple installation. Larger liner sheet are supplied rolled and are delivered by pallet courier. FireStone PondGard liners are guaranteed covering manufacturing defects for 20 years by Gordon Low Products.

FireStone PondGard EPDM Roll


Once installed, FireStone PondGard EPDM pond liners are virtually maintenance free as this EPDM material is specially composed to deflect microbial attack and algae formation. Any liner large or small should be supported with the installation of a protective underlay to prevent the risk of puncture from beneath. In the event of a puncture, FireStone PondGard EPDM can be repaired quickly and simply using an adhesive and cover patch. FireStone PondGard EPDM is fully UV resistant and will not crack, become brittle or deteriorate at all under pressure from natural elements such as ozone, frost, snow and temperature extremities making this product ideal for permanent liner installations anywhere in the world. FireStone PondGard is manufactured in the USA and supplied in rounded imperial dimensions.

Large FireStone PondGard EPDM Liner


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0.75mm and 1mm thick premium rubber pond and lake liners

Butyl Liner

Butyl is a premium synthetic rubber which is very popular in the pond construction trade for lining ponds, lakes and water features. Butyl has gained a reputation within the industry for being the premier pond and lake lining material due to its strength, durability and outstanding physical properties which make Butyl an excellent material for lining ponds and lakes of virtually any size or shape. Butyl liners are very flexible, easy to fold and possess exceptional stretch characteristics. Butyl is supplied in 0.75mm grade of thickness for standard applications and 1mm thickness grade is also available for larger pond or lake projects where a thicker liner is preferred. The largest single sheet liner available in Butyl is 45 metres long and 40 metres wide. Smaller Butyl sheet liners are supplied rolled and pre-packed for ease of transport and installation. Larger Butyl pond liners are rolled and delivered by pallet courier.

Butyl Roll



The popularity of Butyl as the number one choice liner material has diminished in recent years since the introduction of EPDM such as SealEco Greenseal which matches Butyl in look, feel and performance but does not carry the premium cost, however traditionally landscape gardeners often prefer to continue using Butyl as this is a long-standing name with proven quality which has been used over many years. Butyl does not degrade and is not affected by UV, frost, snow or extreme temperatures. Butyl can also be used to construct box-welded liners manufactured to an exacting fit for ponds with a solid base foundation and walls within uniform length, width and depth dimensions. Box-welded liner are supplied with a flange perimeter for securing. Water Garden Ltd can provide pricing for box-welded liners if dimensions are provided. Gordon Low Products guarantee Butyl liners for lifetime up to 144m², 25 years for liners over 144m² and 10 years for box-welded liners.

Butyl Box Welded Liners


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0.5mm thick budget-friendly liners for small and medium ponds


0.5 millimetre thick PVC is a suitable economical material for lining small and medium sized ponds. PVC is reasonably flexible and is difficult to puncture, although these characteristics are not as great as with the thicker Butyl and EPDM liners which also possess superior stretch characteristics. PVC liners are UV resistant and the material does not degrade with exposure to extreme hot or cold weather conditions. All PVC liner installations should incorporate a heavy duty puncture resistant geotextile underlay to protect the liner from roots and sharp objects penetrating the pond liner from beneath. If budget is a concern then high quality PVC is an cost-effective alternative to the more widely used Butyl and EPDM lining materials.

PVC Pond Liner


PVC is environmentally friendly and is perfectly suitable for installing into fish pond and wildlife ponds. 0.8 millimetre thick PVC pond liners are also available for larger PVC installations such as medium sized ponds, streams and water features but Butyl or EPDM would be the more suitable materials for lining larger bodies of water with PVC being offered as an alternative if the budget is not available for the superior quality, more expensive materials. PVC liners are supplied folded and flat-packed for convenience. PVC liners are guaranteed for life up to 140 square metres, larger sizes are guaranteed for 20 years.

Flat Packed PVC Pond Liners


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Protective Underlay

Heavy duty puncture resistant geotextile membrane

Protective Underlay

Gordon Low Products heavy duty, puncture resistant geotextile underlay. This underlay material provides a puncture-proof barrier between the pond floor and the pond liner, preventing roots, weeds, stones and sharp objects in the ground from penetrating the pond liner from beneath. This material has been specifically designed for its purpose, formulated from mechanically bonded, non-woven polypropylene and will not degrade over time like non built-for-purpose materials such as carpet will. It is highly recommended that a heavy duty underlay is used regardless which material has been selected to line the pond, as although all of these liner materials are fairly puncture resistant, no flexible liner is completely impenetrable in its own right. Underlay protects your investment and ensures lifelong liner integrity.

Underlay Roll


Heavy duty underlay averages 3-4 millimetres thick and weighs in at 250-260 grams per square metre. This is supplied in rolls of 2 metres wide and up to 30 or 150 metres long depending on the requirement. Underlay should be cut into large strips and these installed in an overlapping fashion so that no gaps are present. A blow torch can be used to lightly melt the overlapping edges together in order to create a single sheet impenetrable membrane. Underlay should be calculated to match the physical area of the pond liner with a little extra factored in to account for overlapping.

Underlay Installation


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Stone Liner

Stone-covered liner for pond and stream decoration

OASE Stone Liner is a pebble-covered PVC with fleece-coated underside used for decorating pond floors, pond margins, streams and water courses. This product can be laid over existing pond liners to create an attractive pond or landscape effect and can also be bonded directly to pond liners using a waterproof adhesive. As well as its atheistic qualities, Stone Liner also has many benefits over using actual pond substrates such as gravel. Stone Liner will not hold debris and can be siphoned or vacuumed over using a pond vacuum cleaner without pulling substrate through the pond vacuum cleaner. OASE Stone Liner will retain its stones more efficiently than cheaper alternatives which tend to shed stones more freely.

Stone Liner


OASE Stone Liner is supplied by Water Garden in rolls of varying lengths in set widths of 0.4 metre, 0.6 metre, 1 metre and 1.2 metre. These rolls can be cut and divided on site to achieve sufficient surface are coverage when decorating ponds and streams. The small size of the stones allows the OASE Stone Liner to be folded over marginal shelves and uneven contours on the pond or stream base. The Stone Liner will also provide a protective top barrier, preventing the pond liner from being punctured by wildlife, pond predators, pets and pond maintenance tools. OASE guarantee their Stone Liners for 3 years covering manufacture defects.

Stone Liner Pond Edge


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Gold Label Pond Paints

Waterproof pond paint for sealing concrete ponds and water features

Gold Label Pond Paints are used for creating a watertight membrane in concrete and block work ponds and water features. Waterproof Pond Paints are ideal for achieving a neat and tidy finish in ponds and water features where liner installation is complicated due to shape restrictions. Gold Label Pond Paint is suitable for sealing newly constructed features or painting over existing painted seals. Gold Label Pond Paints usually require 2 coats to achieve an effective watertight seal with 1 litre covering approximately 6 to 8 square metres per coat, unless the surface of the structure is very porous in which case 3 coats may be required. If applied correctly this paint will achieve a permanent waterproof membrane. Gold Label can be applied to dry or damp surfaces using all standard painting techniques. Gold Label is non-toxic when cured and is perfectly suitable for sealing fish ponds.

Gold Label Pond Paint


Water Garden hold Black and Clear Gold Label Pond Paints in stock and can have other standard colours Bath Stone, York Stone, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White, Dark Blue, Aqua and Green mixed to order. Water Garden can also have Gold Label Pond Paint mixed to any colour required if the specific RAL number of the chosen colour is specified, a paint mixing charge will apply for bespoke colour selection. Gold Label Pond Paints are available in tins of 1 litre, 2.5 litre and 5 litre. The Water Garden Pond Paint Calculator will help you to identify how much Gold Label Pond Paint is required for sealing your pond or water feature, simply enter your dimensions and calculate.

Pond Paint Colours


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Water Feature Reservoirs

Underground water containment and load supporting cover grids

Water feature reservoirs contain water and the water feature pump in self-contained water feature installations. Water Garden supply water feature reservoirs in different sizes, designs and shapes to suit different water features and applications and these are all supplied with cover grids capable of supporting weights up to 150kg. All cover grids are fitted with removable hatches which allow easy access to the water feature pump for regulation or maintenance. Water feature reservoirs are installed underground with the support grid at ground level. The reservoir is filled with water and the water feature pump is submerged with a pipe feed to the water feature. The cover grid is installed and covered with a chosen decorative substrate such as pebbles or slate chippings and the water feature sits on top with all electrical and piping components concealed in the reservoir beneath.

Water Feature Reservoir


Water Garden stock a range of reservoirs designed to accommodate different water features. This range includes various sizes of rectangular and circular underground reservoirs with galvanized steel support grid and pump access hatch, ideal for heavy water features such as stone monoliths. The Finia range of reservoirs feature plastic support grids with central indents, ideal for mounting spherical water features such as stainless steel water spheres. Water Garden also supply stainless steel reservoirs in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are perfect for above ground water containment where digging is not possible and compliment the range of stainless steel water features also available from Water Garden.

Stainless Steel Water Feature


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Liner Adhesives & Accessories

Bonding and seaming accessories for pond liner joining and repairs

Products for bonding or repairing all pond liner materials. Including waterproof sealant for bonding pond liners together or sealing liners to other surfaces, pond liner cleaning solvents for preparing pond liners for bonding, Gordon Low Products splice adhesive and primer for EPDM liners and bonding tapes such as cold glue tape. Water Garden also make up liner puncture repair kits containing all required accessories for liner repairs including a 280mm x 380mm rectangular section of pond liner for patching holes. Specialised transitions pieces are also available for passing electrical cables and flexible hoses through pond liners, thin walls and water feature reservoirs.

Cold Glue Tape


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Water Garden Ltd

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